Supporting Education and the Arts

Mission & Goals of The Long Foundation

Joe R. and Teresa L. Long established and endowed The Long Foundation in 1999. The mission of The Long Foundation is to support programs around the Austin Metropolitan area that will provide opportunities for children and young adults to improve their economic and social potential, as well as that of their communities. It is the belief of Joe and Teresa Long that education is essential to unlocking a person's potential. Therefore, The Long Foundation has selected educational programs as a main focus, with an emphasis on higher education. Although education is a priority for The Long Foundation, projects targeting the removal or avoidance of barriers to education, such as those dealing with legal, health and welfare issues, are also given preference.

The Long Foundation's long-range goal is to improve the Austin Metropolitan area by making effective community and cultural investments through its grant-making. Such opportunities should always be analyzed, ever striving for the best mixture of programs, which will include a combination of innovative projects and programs with proven track records. Accountability on the part of grantees who apply for and receive funds shall be of primary importance. Past ventures should be reviewed for effectiveness and to gain information that will help in developing future successful activities. Foundation assets should be prudently managed to ensure that the mission of The Long Foundation will be continued indefinitely.

The founders have always believed that good morals and good character are the basis for good workers, employees, and citizens. Therefore, whenever possible, The Long Foundation promotes dignity, integrity, and credibility.





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